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Michael's Musings 


“Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it
by their good life, by deeds done in humility that come from wisdom”.
— James 3:13-14

The polar vortex is making itself known! Growing up in southern California, I was lways grateful for the mild temperatures and the steady warmth. Who needs that heavy jacket if you are surrounded by sunshine? Sure, we went up to the mountains for some snow every once in a while just to be reminded that snow on my terms is fun!  Sledding, skiing, snowshoeing… then you get to come home to 60 degree weather and leave all that frozen behind. Ah, the joy!

winter-2997365 960_720Then I moved to Denver. It was exciting to experience that first snow! Oh, the beauty of the flakes falling, the snow covered ground and thewarmth of a fireplace were all initial joys related to new experiencesand new opportunities. But the snow didn’t always go away. The cold imposed itself and man, getting used to it was not easy! My friend and seminary mate Brian would tease me incessantly about my inability to deal with the cold! Driving was different, the clothes I wore were different, when the power went out because of the snow and trying to bundle a small child in blankets to keep warm for a day, oh my. I had to adapt to a new way of being. In order to enjoy the beauty of Colorado, I suddenly learnt I was not in control of the weather, I couldn’t just drive a few miles to get back to the warmth. The seasons brought me to my senses about how I no longer was able to determine my comfort but had to consciously adapt to the reality around me.


There was a time not so long ago that the world was identifying as Christian. On some level the message resonated, or at least was recognized by the majority of the people we met, and more often than not, in a neutral if not positive way. Today finds us in a much different climate concerning faith; people are not only identifying less with Christianity, but a higher percentage of people describe Christianity in negative terms. The Barna Group, an Evangelical Survey organization, found that the top words describing Christians by those ages 16-29 were negative. It would seem that James is speaking to our tendency to talk our faith rather than live it out.

We are going through a shifting climate at SHUMC as well. We are attempting to envision a future that will transcend a faith well discussed but a faith joyfully lived! In that future is a shifting climate; we are feeling the chill, layering for the warmth and discovering that a church for tomorrow will need to meet the people of today, not the people of yesterday. Pray for us. The call to embody the tenets of the faith are upon us and the opportunities are many. And we need not be anxious, for the Holy Spirit is in our midst to help us! Let us walk together into the grace that awaits, oh, and join me for the James Bible study class on Tuesdays at 10 am and we will figure out a wardrobe that works, one that speaks of Jesus and his love!

See you in worship,

Rev. Michael





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