Why Do We Use Pledge Cards for Shared Giving?

From the earliest days of Methodism, when small groups, known as "bands," met as many as three times a week, a collection was taken to help others in their time of need. The leader of the "band" was responsible for raising a designated amount of money, and if a member could not contribute that week, it was the leader's responsibility to contribute in his stead. With these monies, the church supported its work of teaching, healing, and charity.

Today, when we contribute to the church, we are supporting not only the work of the local church, but the work of the entire Methodist Church in the United States and foreign countries. In order to effectively do this, each local church, through the work of its finance team proposes a budget for the coming year that is designed to effectively provide the services of the local congregation, as well as our apportionment for the work of the church as whole.

Our Finance Ministry Team proposes such a budget based on needs and what people pledge for the ensuing year, keeping in mind that giving normally exceeds what is pledged. But the pledged giving provides the basis on which the planning can be done. So when you provide a pledge card, it gives our Finance Ministry Team realistic guidance on planning for the year ahead and a means to ensure that we do not overspend and fall short of providing needed services.

To make it simpler for you and for the church, you may want to consider having your pledge paid through our Online Giving program.








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