“Where your treasure is, there is where your heart will be also.”
“The Lord has trusted us with his most precious of treasure; people.”
John Ortberg

photo-26-1024x768When I was a young lad, I got my first pirate hat at Disneyland. The Pirates of the Caribbean had overwhelmed me with sounds and sights and "yo ho, yo ho." The pirate’s life was going to be for me! The adventures of chasing treasures untold, travelling the seven seas and seeing the world kept my imagination glowing for quite a while. But, as with many dreams, the adventure gave way to the mundane, the demands of the daily grind called and the world’s idea of treasure became paying the bills and getting enough gold to survive.

My sights shifted from the joys of life to the necessities, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Responsibly is not a bad thing at all! But, when our focus shifts from the adventure to the mundane, we can become myopic in defining what we view as treasure.

When Jesus challenges us to identify where our treasure is, this is exactly the point He is trying to make. Your life will be defined by what you value; your time will be spent claiming and preserving your riches. If it is your opinion and judgment, you will arrange your world so that it affirms those values. If it is wealth, you will prioritize your time in its pursuit. If it is guitars. . .uh. . .well. . .different subject please! Seriously, that which we define as valued is that to which we will give the highest priority.

Beginning October 21st, we will begin to explore what it means to live out our values with integrity, purpose, and responsibility. Time to break out our pirate hats and flags and climb aboard the SS SHUMC and set sail looking for the meaning to true treasure! Including, the stories of faith, the people who have touched our lives, the driving forces behind our ministry together and how important it is to the world. Ahoy mates! Let’s travel the world of memories, personal experience and worship knowing we will uncover the riches which surround us and the ways in which we can take this wealth of time, talent and treasure out into the world! In the name of Jesus Christ, of course!

Climb on board for a journey you won’t forget as we sail the tides of spirit and let God’s treasure maps be our guide!




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