Luke 8 18

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw

It seems I regularly run across situations where communication lines have broken down and people are left shaking their heads and sometimes there are even hard feelings. It is always easier to blame someone else for the breakdown, but too often I find that the lack of communication is a two way street. There is a reason for this; we humans often have a tendency to expect others to communicate schedules and events to us, and in doing so the obligation for communication rests upon the other, absolving us of any responsibility for the communication. “They didn’t tell me” is this exclamation, but the harsh reality is that communication is an active rather than passive endeavor. We have to intentionally listen, and in doing so our exchanges will be much more fulfilling!

As a congregation we are at a challenging place: each one of us will be required to move to an active style of listening in order to maximize our participation in the life of our community. Active listening means we are responsible for knowing, and we are responsible to help others to know. In a pastoral congregation word of mouth is the means of passing information; everyone knows most everyone and shares accordingly. But as a community grows larger, the methods of communicating become much more broad. Newsletters, websites, posters and bulletins are all means to reach as many people as possible. SHUMC has all these mechanisms in place and when we remember to use them they serve us well! But they require more than a passive awareness that they are there.

If you have an event that you would like to publicize, our contacts are Sandi Marler (who will check the calendar and put announcements in the bulletins and newsletters) and Deb Looker who runs our website and our Facebook page. Gather the relevant details and put them in a paragraph and good things will happen!

For the rest of us, the responsibility is ours to search out the colander details. Take home that bulletin, tear out or print the church monthly calendar and place it on the fridge and when in doubt, call the office! We will work to find out the information so you can maximize your discipleship growth at SHUMC!

Disciple means one who learns and in claiming the task of being a follower we are committing ourselves to an active place in faith where we seek in order to find rather than waiting for information to come to us. Let’s seek the gift of life in Christ together!

See you in worship,
Rev. Michael

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