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packingMy life, as of late, has been a frenzied time of sorting, organizing, purging and packing. I’ve had many people suggest that everyone should move every 5 years or so just so we’re forced to go through everything and clean it out. I’m beginning to think they may be right. It’s really amazing how we fill up every part of our houses with stuff: stuff we use, stuff we think we’ll use, stuff we used to use, stuff that our parents or kids used to use . . . You get the idea.


I’m not one who’s terribly sentimental about stuff. I don’t have boxes full of every art project my kids ever created, every greeting card I’ve ever received or every token I’ve ever been given. Perhaps I’ll regret that some day. But for right now, when I’m limited to 15,000 pounds of my stuff that can be moved and paid for, it has come in pretty handy. After all, washers, driers and baby grand pianos are quite weighty!


We can have the same problem with our lives. We carry around so much stuff because we refuse to go through and clean it out. Our gunnysacks are tied to our stick and thrown over our shoulders and we lug them around with us, sometimes overwhelmed by the weight of them.


What are the things that you need to clean out of your life? Are there past hurts? Broken promises? Lost dreams? As we approach Resurrection Sunday, I encourage you to embrace the second chance that it represents. Now is a perfect time to clean out your life and discard everything that isn’t helping you in your journey. You might be surprised how much lighter your load is!


In His Love,









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